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Exchange rates quoted in the media are interbank exchange rates, which are used by banks and other interbank participants to buy and sell currencies in the wholesale market. The interbank rate quoted in the media is for a minimum amount of US$5,000,000.

Usually, when a client completes a transaction it is for an amount smaller than US$5,000,000 and as a result, a retail rate is applied. This rate includes a spread added to the interbank rate to account for market movement between when the client transaction is completed and when smaller client amounts can be accumulated and traded on the interbank market.


Registered with both federal & provincial government authorities, Currency Mart Inc. is a leading currency exchange dealer in Manitoba. By monitoring live global currency market, we are proud to provide the best currency exchange rates to our local community. We have the largest foreign banknotes inventory in town, with over 40 foreign currencies in stock, and we can order over 80 other foreign currencies within 3 days.